Our Lady Of Sorrow Church

Completing this project has been a wonderful experience, filled with excitement, and emotions and was a great accomplishment.

The project developed as follows:

The Door

Realized by artist Ernesto Lamagna, the bronze main entrance door depicts a San Michele Arcangelo statue. The installation of the door has been a major event in the Toronto community, in which Foglia CIM participated with great pride.

The Stairway

A true challenge!
Foglia CIM entirely designed, supplied, manufactured and installed the outdoor stairway in collaboration with Bridgecon. A wonderful experience, with a special team. Bravi !!!

Secondary Entrance

our team continues to work on the church side entrance, prioritizing the restauration of the marble arch. This is a an illustration of the “Botticino Classico” style. This project has proven itself to be quite challenging; not only the implementation is difficult, but also finding the perfect marble to match the one covering the church’s walls installed about 80 years ago was not easy.

Fonte Battesimale, Ambo, and Sanctuary

Every extraordinary priest makes a perpetual mark with his words and actions in the hearts of their church community, and in the House of God in which they officiated. Father Nino Cadoto called upon Foglia CIM with the very specific request to realize the Fonte Battesimale, the Sanctuary and the Ambo.

The project was first designed in great detail, and divided in different phases. Foglia CIM conducted the design and layout, provided marble, manufactured and installed the Fonte Battesimale, the Sanctuary and the Ambo. Finally, Paolo utilized a special technique in order to “anticare” properly age the marble so that the new creation would resemble the antique look of the original church materials. Foglia CIM has the ability to age the stone according to the required years; in this case we are talking about 80 years.

Father Nino taught us an invaluable lesson: to always have faith and to unconditionally believe in God, as He continuously listens to our prayers and support us in our endeavors. Truth to be told, this is exactly what happened! The word love is synonymous with God, it takes courage to believe; the magic begins when you let yourself go into His hands and believe in it with all your heart!

Foglia CIM successfully project managed and executed church completion within the projected budget cost and timeframes.